Tire and Wheel Services

We do everything from small patches and repairs to new rim sales and installations.

Comprehensive Tire and Wheel Services

You may not pay much attention to the wheels and tires on your car, but when there's a problem, we guarantee you'll notice. You need good wheels and tires to navigate the streets as well as a partner to fix them when problems arise. At 4 Aces Auto Centre, we're that partner and happy to repair or replace your wheels and tires.

If you've noticed vibration or shaking while you drive, then there's probably an issue with your tires or wheels. Over time, it's easy to get out of alignment, but a quick service to 4 Aces Auto Centre will get it taken care of and eliminate that annoying pull to one side. Using our professional-grade equipment, we'll use digital testing to assess the problem and then provide the best fix.

The thing to remember about wheel and tire problems is that they often lead to bigger issues. Not having enough tread on your tires creates an unsafe driving situation and wheels that are out of balance can cause bent axles and other more costly repairs. Trust 4 Aces Auto Centre for your wheel and tire services and we'll get the job done.

At the first sign of wheel or tire troubles, give 4 Aces Auto Centre a call at 705-748-4223 and we'll find a convenient time to visit our shop


4 Aces Auto Centre is based in Peterborough and is a one-stop solution for everything from Brakes, Steering and Suspensions to Tune Ups, Tires and Exhaust.


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