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Our certified technicians can perform many Diagnostics work from cleaning to complete testing and maintenance. At 4 Aces Auto Centre, we check your vehicles system, quickly diagnose the problem and provide cost effective solutions. We have the most competitive prices in Peterborough. Consult us for Inspections , Scheduled Maintenance and Lube Oil and Filter prices.

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Automakers have a wide variety of guidelines, so it's best to check your owner's manual for their exact recommendation. Many modern cars have advanced technology and use synthetic oils that can push your oil change back to 10,000 kilometers or more.

In many cases, the answer is unfortunately not. The scheduled maintenance plan for your car has been created after a great deal of research and failure even to get an oil change on time can be used by the manufacturer to void your warranty.

If your vehicle has excessive vibration or shaking at higher speeds, the most common culprit is tires or wheels that are out of balance. This problem often appears around 80-100 Km/h and will need to be serviced as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

4 Aces Auto Centre is a full-service automotive repair shop, which means that we're equipped and ready to take on all types of work. Engines and transmissions may be some of the most difficult tasks, but our expert team is up to the challenge.

When the temperature drops below 7 degrees is when snow tires offer better traction then all season tires.

Every 2 years renewable on your birthday once the vehicle becomes 7 years old.

Pressures vary. Refer to the sticker on the inside of the drivers door. A typical passenger vehicle may be between 32 and 36 psi.

This light indicates a malfunction in your vehicles engine. It could be an emission, fuel or ignition problem. If the light comes on have it looked at by your mechanic. If it’s flashing have your vehicle towed to your mechanic.

This varies by manufacture. Owners manual should be referred to. A typical North American built passenger vehicle average would be between 5,000km and 8,000km. Some European vehicles could range up to 15,000km.

If your tires have irregular wear or if your vehicle pulls to one side you should have your vehicle checked for possibility of a required alignment.

The life expectancy of brakes depends on your driving habits. If you do mostly city driving or pulling a trailer your brakes will wear more quickly then if you were highway driving. Average brakes should last 40,000-70,000km.

Your vehicle may have a filter that cleans the air that enters the passenger compartment.

When your brake rotors go out of round they can cause a pulsation in the brake pedal. In most cases your rotors will need replacement.

An A/C system is a sealed system. When the system loses refrigerant through a hole it will quit blowing cold air. The hole needs to be repaired and replaced with refrigerant.

Diagnostics Packages

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perfect working order.
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Semi Synthetic An essential package
for all vehicle maintenance.
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Full Synthetic Make sure your vehicle
is ready year round.


4 Aces Auto Centre is based in Peterborough and is a one-stop solution for everything from Brakes, Steering and Suspensions to Tune Ups, Tires and Exhaust.


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